Abitare 56 Hotel

• Saving and water use ( estos subtítulos en negrilla tanto en español como en inglés)
Sensitize staff, guests, suppliers and contribute to the proper use of water and energy in order to reduce the impacts it generates to the environment.

• Manage and reduce waste
Management and recycling of solid and hazardous to reduce the environmental impact generated in the operating activities of the hotel waste.

• Minimization and handling chemicals
Training and awareness on the use of elements of protection and safety for handling toiletries. Use of technical specifications and labeling of containers containing products for cleaning and disinfection.

• Atmospheric, auditory and visual pollution (AVA)
Promote the control and reduction of pollution AVA and help preserve the environment in which the hotel is located, keeping harmony and appreciate the silence in work areas

• Promoting cultural and natural heritage
Identify sites of cultural and natural heritage of the region to disseminate, promote to cultural and economic contribution to the local level.

• Social risk: Prevention CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents), child labor and discrimination against vulnerable populations
Awakening action-oriented awareness of all staff, guests, suppliers and the community in general with respect to contribute to the prevention of sexual and labor trade with minors.

• Purchasing management and product management
We link suppliers that sell organic products with environmental, social and cultural responsibility.